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Medical Billing & Consulting

Our Medical Billing Service is truly unique as a smaller boutique medical billing company that stands out from the crowd. At David Kramer, Inc. we are focused on one mission: To collect the maximum revenue for your practice as fast as possible while helping to alleviate costs and hassle for your organization. Everything else you will read about is how we deliver our mission with a single-minded focus.

 David Kramer, Inc. provides you with:

A Complete web based medical billing solution that can include an EMR, an upfront insurance verification and patient collection tool, all patient calls and all data entry. We use electronic data transfer to capture patient demographic and charge data.

  • Complete Transparency with easy to read reports that are available 24/7 on-line from any computer with an internet connection. Individual access to different aspects of your practice to different team members (finance, accessioners, executives).
  • Incredible Team of professionals that includes medical providers, practice managers, coders, experienced business professionals, and engineers. 
  • Sophisticated file management capabilities with a range of solutions to meet your workflow needs, including secure FTP, scanning, HL7 interface, as well as faxing or e-mailing files directly into our system.  All data is maintained electronically and no files are lost, mixed up, confused or forgotten.

A Medical Billing Company should help reduce your expenses

Our clients reduce their back office expenses by using our Practice Management Software package.  All you need is a PC and access to the Internet. Our Practice Management Software is all-inclusive. There are no costly software updates or support fees.  There are no hidden costs or additional charges.

 Medical Billing Services

David Kramer, Inc. is not just a claims processing center. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or patient support.  We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements by providing a full range of medical billing services including:

  • Patient Registration Setting up patient accounts in the system. We also do insurance verification to ensure that the patient account is set-up with the most updated insurance details.
  • Coding- Our professional coders will assist in CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS coding to maximize reimbursement and minimize denials.
  • Charge Entry- Charges are entered by professionals with many years of experience in Medical billing and your specialty.
  • Electronic Claim Transmission- Claims are transmitted to Federal and most of Commercial Insurance companies enabling faster reimbursements and the service is done at no cost to our clients.
  • Accounts Receivables- Our AR staff are best in the Industry. Our experience in the specialty enables to do a tactful collection approach and to get claims reimbursed.
  • Payment Posting- Posting of all payments received from Insurance and Patients. Also monitoring the profiles for reimbursement accuracy and post adjustments to accounts according to the provider's contract.
  • Statements- Send Monthly statements to the patients and follow-up with the patients.
  • Reports- Provides monthly reports including financial summary, Aging report by Insurance and patient and other relevant reports to understand your business performance and requirements.
  • Regulatory Requirements- Advice our clients on latest updates on CPT or ICD-9 coding and other billing issues. We also assure that all transactions are HIPAA compliant.
  • Review - We also assist our clients in fee schedule review or updates annually.
  • Denial Management- helps determine where deficiencies lie in coding and billing practices. This tool is used for providers to correct coding and billing errors up front instead of correcting the claim when denied. This helps to ensure claims are "clean" when filed to the insurance company.
  • Individual Account Executive Each Client is assigned their own account executive. This gives your staff the security and comfort of dealing with the same representative who is uniquely familiar with your practice. And yes, each account representative has a backup.Patient/Insurance phone access: All calls are answered by our professional staff. Questions are answered courteously, and all efforts are made to expedite a settlement. Patient privacy and support are never compromised.
  • 48 Hour Claim Processing -When “clean claims” are received in our office, they are processed within 48 hours. If required information is missing, we provide the practice with immediate feedback as to what additional information is needed to submit the claim.
  • Electronic Claims Submissions Daily submits your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, BCBS and all commercial carriers. Once we receive your data, your account representative check for errors, make corrections if necessary, and submits the claims.
  • Claims Follow-up - We aggressively follow-up on all claims. In addition to your individual account executive that deals with carriers and patients, David Kramer, Inc. has follow-up specialists that assist in calling patients to deal with outstanding balances. We know that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.
  • Web based access - We provide secure Internet Access to your account. This goes without saying that the data and connection to our system are secure and protected by a firewall.